I am a Visual Artist living and working in Los Angeles. My work is concerned with magic and memory.


horse collage, collage, papier colles, nature collage, old books, small spells  collage, mystery, painted, old paper, torn, coffin, tomb, night sky  whale collage torn burned painted scratched old paper white whale    spell animal collage papier colles old books type old paper burned scratched  cow bird collage horse head old collage books mica burned cabin water horse           

Bonne Chance

louvre, night, doves, paris, sky, old building, black and white photography, lit building  antique, hands, black and white, photograph, display, dark, trouble    snow angel, grass angel, night photography, white dress, movement  moose, ostrich, cabinet, taxidermy, skull  model plane, old, antique, display, darkness  haunted, doll house, lit up, black and white, old, antique                bunny black and white photo magic   

Desert Studies

desert, feet, double exposure, joshua tree, photography, leica  self portrait, black and white, california desert       

Western Mystery

From 2012 to the present, I have been working on a project about magic, the esoteric, western mysteries, witches and divination. The body of work includes photography as well as painting, sculpture and other materials. It is a work in progress. Some of the work may be viewed upon request.